5 Steps to Phenomenal Pinterest Growth

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With the announcement that Pinterest has over 175 million monthly active users there has never been a better time to use Pinterest to grow your blog’s audience. With the ability to add your website url, affiliate links and even app information, the power of a pin is limitless. With my own blog, Focus. Implement. Triumph!, I have experienced the  power that Pinterest has in driving traffic to your website. 

In 6 weeks I have grown my Pinterest account to over 2000 followers and average 18.7 monthly page views.

As a new blogger with zero followers, I was able to implement the steps that I’m sharing with you today to gain over 600 followers in one week (see the proof here) and over 2000 followers in six weeks (update 4/26/17 – I was almost at the 2500 mark and lost 400 followers within an hour due to some cleanup that Pinterest is doing. Thanks Pinterest!)

Once I reached 1200 followers, I shifted my focus to developing the website for Black Bloggers Network. Working on launching that online community took up so much of my time that I stopped implementing the FOCUS Method that I’m sharing with you today and guess what happened. To my surprise, my account continued to grow organically. Even now with me spending an hour every Sunday using Stencil  to create original pins and then another hour using Tailwind to schedule pins and repins for the entire week, I continue to average 150+ new followers per week!

FOCUS is a proven method that works no matter if today is your first day as a blogger or if you’ve been blogging for ten years. If you’re willing to FOCUS and put in just a little effort, you will get results! Today I’m sharing the exact method   that I used to experience Phenomenal Pinterest Growth in such a short period of time. By duplicating these steps and implementing the FOCUS Method, you too can experience Phenomenal Pinterest Growth.

STEP 1: Perfect Your Pinterest Profile

Before implementing the FOCUS Method, you must ensure that you have several key pieces in place that will prove   vital to your overall Pinterest success. The most important piece of the puzzle is your Pinterest profile. Perfect your Pinterest profile by ensuring that it includes the following components:

  • Picture: Use either a personal picture or your logo. Whichever you use should have a clean appearance and    be easily recognizable. It’s a good practice to use the same profile picture/logo across all of your social media accounts. That way when people see it, they’ll instantly recognize who you are.
  • Description: Pinterest limits your description to 160 characters. With that being said, you must accomplish a    lot with very few characters. Your Pinterest description should include the 5 W’s: Website, Who, What, and Wise Words. 
  1. Website url: Make it easy for people that might check out your profile without looking at your pins to find your blog.
  2. Who you serve: Describe your ideal audience
  3. What you do: Describe the services that you offer
  4. Wise Words: Include the keywords that you want to rank for

STEP 2: Sign Up for a Business Account & Verify Your Website

The next key pieces of the puzzle are essential for tracking your weekly performance. Signing up for a business account and verifying your website allows you to track key analytics that provides details about your Pginterest profile  such as follower trends and daily impressions. It also gives you insight on the people that are following you. This is a useful tool for determining the needs of your audience, which is important when creating the perfect pin.

Refer to this Pinterest article for step-by-step directions that will allow you to confirm your website. After you verify your website, the Pinterest analytics tool provides insight on how the pins from your website are performing. To get a quick view snapshot of the images that people are pinning from your blog, use the link: https://www.pinterest.com/source/YOURBLOGNAME.com/. This will help you determine the images from your blog  that are catching the most attention.

STEP 3: Create Phenomenal Pins

Since we’re on the topic of pins, let’s take a look at how to create phenomenal pins. In order to gain popularity on Pinterest and experience phenomenal growth, it is absolutely of the utmost importance that your pins include stunning photos. Take a moment to think about this key fact… Most people on Pinterest spend the majority of their time scrolling through their timeline in search of information about a specific topic. With there being such a wide array of information sources, your pins must stand out from the crowd in order to make the person stop scrolling long enough to take notice of your pin. Well, how do you create pins that force people to STOP & CLICK. It’s simple!

To begin, you must determine the purpose of your pin. Do you want it to drive people to your website? To a specific  post? To a product or free download that you created? Before sitting down to create a pin ask yourself the question “What’s the purpose of this pin?” After you’ve determined the purpose of your pin, then it’s time to go to work.

Phenomenal Pin Must-Haves: ***Download Pin to Win for step-by-step directions on how to use Stencil to create Phenomenal Pins

  • Stunning Image: Have you been worried that you can’t include stunning images on your website and in your social media posts because you lack photography skills? Well toss those worries aside! I am far from a photographer. As a matter of fact, the only camera that I own is my iPhone so it goes without saying that ALL of my pins are created with stock photos from Stencil. All of their plans, including the free option, allows you to choose any photo from their bank of 900,000+. They have stock photos on every topic imaginable. Trust me, Stencil has everything you need to experience Pinterest success. The one question every blogger asks is "How do I increase my blogs income?" Learn how to monetize your blog with the FREE course which teaches you 15 affiliate programs that pay up to 70% commission and accepts all bloggers, even brand new ones! If you've been searching for ways to increase your blogs income, here's your solution. What are you waiting for? Sign up TODAY. It's Absolutely Free!
  • BOLD Words: When creating a Phenomenal Pin, be sure to enlarge the text size and select a font that makes    it appear bold. You should also change the coloring of the most important word(s) that you use and position the text so that it stands out from the picture.
  • Unique Branding: Just like with your profile picture/logo, you want the branding of your pins to make it easy    for users to recognize your work. Ensure this by always including your logo or website url in every pin.
  • Tell All Title: You may not realize this but the title of your image is the most important factor. Why? Simply because the title of your image is what automatically populates when someone pins it. Your Tell All Title should include the name of the blog post, product or free product (think back to the purpose of the pin) and your blog/company name. You should also include keywords that you want people to be able to search you for in your title.  
  • Description Filled with Key Words: When writing the description of your pin, incorporate as many key words as possible. Try to think of any word that someone may search to find your pin and include it.

STEP 4: Install Rich Pins

Rich pins are important because they include additional information on the pins themselves such as food images that include the entire recipe. There are four types of rich pins that you can apply for: Product Pins, Article Pins, App Install Pins and Recipe Pins. Refer to this Pinterest article for step-by-step directions that will allow you to install rich pins for your website.

STEP 5: Make it Easy for Others to Share

If a visitor wants to pin an image from your website, they should not have to spend time figuring out how to do it. Remember in today’s world, every second counts. People are so used to finding instantaneous information that it’s very unlikely that they’ll take the time to share your pin if it isn’t obvious how to do so. With that being said, there are several tools that I recommend for you to install on your website that make sharing images to Pinterest super easy.

  • Jquery Pin It: Jquery is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to install a hover button over your images.
  • Shareaholic: Shareaholic is another free WordPress plugin that allows you to install floating share buttons for  all social media sharing. This includes a Pin It button in addition to buttons that allow people to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

FOCUS Method for Phenomenal Pinterest Growth: 5 steps that will exponentially grow your Pinterest followers…

Now that you’ve completed the 5 steps necessary to prepare your Pinterest account for ultimate fame, it’s finally time to FOCUS on Phenomenal Pinterest Growth! The FOCUS Method requires that you take 5 actions everyday to exponentially grow your Pinterest followers. By implementing these 5 actions daily, you are guaranteed to gain over 1000 followers in one month.

What strategies do you use to grow your Pinterest account?

Learn the 5 Steps of the FOCUS Method by logging into your FREE Black Bloggers Network Membership account.

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